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Day Trip to Moorea

It's best to get away from the main cities--and other travelers we met mentioned nearby Moorea and Bora Bora are very different. Moorea is just a 30-minute ferry ride away, so we made a day trip of it.

Aboard the ferry, approaching the narrow opening in the reef surrounding Moorea.

Fortunately for us there is a nice public beach a few miles north of Moorea's ferry terminal. On both islands many of the good beaches belong to big hotels and access to them is restricted.

Posted by Dan 11/01/2012, revised 11/11/2012

Ao final

Game day! I am not yet sure of my plans for watching the World Cup final - likely just find a bar. Copacabana is packed with chanting Argentinians, which is fun and spirited, but I do not imagine I will want to join the masses at the Fifa FanFest on the beach. Too much for me.

At the end of my Brazil visit. Kind of crazy. In some ways, I can't believe I'm already at the end of the trip, and in others, I feel like I've been here for a long time!

Things I will miss [and will be happy to return to when I come back]:
  • acai on every corner
  • queijo minas (a wonderful type of cheese)
  • tapioca - not what we think is tapioca; its a crepe-type dish popular in the northeast, and it's delicious
  • the portuguese language
Things I will not miss:
  • the absurdly, inexplicably slow lines at supermarkets (in which I have written this entire post)
  • people on their phones when you're sitting with them at a restaurant

Posted by Whitney 07/13/2014

Final race for Cal Poly

Nik completed his final race for the Cal Poly cycling team, the Wheelmen. The Western Collegiate Cycling Conference's final race of the 2011 Mountain Bike season was hosted by Cal-Berkeley at the Bailey Bike Park course.

Nik racing down the slalom course at Bailey Bike Park

Posted by Dan 11/14/2011

Wildflower Will Show You What You're Made Of

Lake San Antonio is now 96% empty, making Wildflower even more unique than before. Because the California drought has caused the lake to creep 2.2 miles away from the original swim start, the format is now 1.2 mile swim, 2.2 mile run, 56 mile bike, 10.9 mile run.


This image superimposes a photo of the boat ramp where the Swim leg started in the 2009 Triathlon with the same location this year.

We camped out the night before the race, atop a hill overlooking the puddle that would serve as the swim venue. This would have been a super convenient location were it not for the multiple transition areas. Race morning required some maneuvering as I dropped off my bike and second pair of run shoes across the park at the "Real" transition, and then deposited my first pair of run shoes and my wetsuit bag on the boat ramp that served as "T1a"

The lake temperature was announced as 73 degrees, which was downright toasty once you got moving! The water was murky, but overall the swim was smooth.

I was excited to knock off a few of the run miles early in the race while my legs were still fresh, but before you start the 2.2 mile T1 run, you have to first ascend the world's longest boat ramp. Steep and seemingly endless, T1a was lined with spectators, cheering on the turtle race of soggy runners who were, of course, too proud to walk this early in the day.

Posted by Kimberly 05/07/2015

Kerikeri, New Zealand, 2012
Our room at the Woodlands Motel came with a private deck facing the forest.

Moorea, 2012
In Tahiti this is how the road signs indicate you're leaving a town (in this case, the Moorean village of Teavaro).

Nik & Whitney, 2008
Whitney making bracelets for some local children in Sumatra.

Whitney, 2011
Whitney encountered this llama on hike up Quilatoa in Ecuador.