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I am a computer consultant specializing in IBM PC-compatible computers.
  • PC consulting, maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades and repairs
  • software installation, upgrading, virus/malware cleanup
  • personal webpage design and cgi programming
  • small business networking and PC maintenance
  • websites for business and non-profit websites

For further information email me at

Check out my Library of utilities. Many of my programs and utilities have long been available on CompuServe and have variously made their way around other Internet depositories, but can now be downloaded from here as well.

The Year-2000 crisis became a hot topic worldwide in 1998, but was known to a relatively small group of techs years earlier. My hardware test program, 2000TEST, was originally written in 1996. While the crisis with software was real, the problem with PC hardware was often blown out of proportion. 2000TEST was used by thousands of people to check their PCs, understand the real nature of the problem and wade through the mass of hyperbole and misinformation.
Updated 01/20/09.